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Summary of properties of promoter region AT4G11260

Promoter ID Gene Description Chromosome Location Promoter Sequence Promoter Type Promoter Source Regulatory Network
AT4G11260 protein Chr4:6853846 - 6854456 Get Sequence Predicted TAIR ...

Current list of binding sites and references

Binding Sites in upstream region of AT4G11260

ColorKey for Binding Sites

Documented binding sites in a specific promoter Bindingsites in a specific TF or TF family and bindingsite motifs predicted in promoters
BS Name BS Genome Start BS Genome End Binding Site Sequence Binding Site Family/TF
Bellringer/replumless/pennywise BS2 IN AG 6854309 6854316 aaattagt Homeobox
Bellringer/replumless/pennywise BS3 IN AG 6854310 6854317 actaattt Homeobox
ATB2/AtbZIP53/AtbZIP44/GBF5 BS in ProDH 6854214 6854219 actcat bZIP
ATB2/AtbZIP53/AtbZIP44/GBF5 BS in ProDH 6854186 6854191 actcat bZIP
W-box promoter motif 6854111 6854116 ttgact WRKY
CCA1 binding site motif 6854326 6854333 aaaaatct MYB-related
GATA promoter motif [LRE] 6854030 6854035 tgataa ...
GATA promoter motif [LRE] 6854337 6854342 tgataa ...
GATA promoter motif [LRE] 6854060 6854065 tgataa ...
Hexamer promoter motif 6854095 6854100 ccgtcg ...
Ibox promoter motif 6854336 6854341 gataag ...

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