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Summary of properties of promoter region AT5G40410

Promoter ID Gene Description Chromosome Location Promoter Sequence Promoter Type Promoter Source Regulatory Network
AT5G40410 protein Chr5:16186068 - 16186541 Get Sequence Predicted TAIR ...

Current list of binding sites and references

Binding Sites in upstream region of AT5G40410

ColorKey for Binding Sites

Documented binding sites in a specific promoter Bindingsites in a specific TF or TF family and bindingsite motifs predicted in promoters
BS Name BS Genome Start BS Genome End Binding Site Sequence Binding Site Family/TF
Bellringer/replumless/pennywise BS1 IN AG 16186156 16186163 aaattaaa Homeobox
W-box promoter motif 16186422 16186427 ttgact WRKY
DPBF1&2 binding site motif 16186513 16186519 acacctg bZIP
RAV1-B binding site motif 16186513 16186518 cacctg ABI3VP1
LFY consensus binding site motif 16186442 16186447 ccactg LFY
LFY consensus binding site motif 16186168 16186173 ccaatg LFY
BoxII promoter motif 16186278 16186283 ggttaa ...
BoxII promoter motif 16186129 16186134 ggttaa ...
DRE-like promoter motif 16186265 16186273 ggccgacga ...
GATA promoter motif [LRE] 16186294 16186299 tgataa ...
T-box promoter motif 16186080 16186085 actttg ...

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