Erich Grotewold, PI – The Ohio State University
Ramana V. Davuluri, co-PI – The Ohio State University
Betsy A. Read, co-PI – California State University, San Marcos
Rebecca Lamb, co-PI – The Ohio State University

Summary of Project – Hierarchical arrangements (networks) of transcription factors (TFs) provide the information necessary to deploy genes with particular spatial and temporal patterns. The information for this is hardwired in the promoter regions formed by cis-regulatory elements that bind specific TFs. Direct target genes for a group of 31 selected TFs involved in regulatory networks associated with flower development and epidermal functions will be identified using chromatin immunoprecipitation followed by analysis of microarrays of promoter sequences (ChIP-CHIP). Identified direct target genes will be validated by in vitro DNA-binding experiments, and the TF binding sites will be determined using in vitro footprinting. The information obtained will be integrated into the established AGRIS databases, resulting in public resources that integrate TFs, their binding sites and the corresponding regulatory motifs. Results derived from this project will be made available at our 2010 project website. Materials developed in this research will be made readily available through the ABRC. The combination of experimental data and powerful computational tools will provide the first steps towards establishing the regulatory networks responsible for the expression of all Arabidopsis genes, one of the central objectives of the 2010 project.