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BBR/BPC Family Description Reference ClustAlW Alignment Hidden Markov Model Nucleotide Sequences Protein Sequences

Dr. Dierk Wanke from the University of Tubingen, has kindly provided feedback for BBR/BPC family transcription factor

(M)IPS <> (S)ALK <> T(A)IR
(C)onfirmed direct targets (U)nconfirmed direct targets

There are currently 7 members identified for this family
TF Locus Id Protein Name Sub Family Gene Name , Synonym Links Sequences BindingSites/NFM Direct Targets Total Direct Interactions
At2g01930     ATBPC1, BBR, BBR/BPC1, BPC1 MSA Nucl-Prot     VIEW (1)
At1g14685     ATBPC2, BBR/BPC2, BPC2 MSA Nucl-Prot   C(1) VIEW (3)
At1g68120     ATBPC3, BBR/BPC3, BPC3 MSA Nucl-Prot      
At2g21240     ATBPC4, BBR, BBR/BPC4, BPC4 MSA Nucl-Prot   C(1) VIEW (1)
At4g38910     ATBPC5, BBR/BPC5, BPC5 MSA Nucl-Prot     VIEW (1)
At5g42520     ATBPC6, BBR/BPC6, BPC6 MSA Nucl-Prot     VIEW (1)
At2g35550     ATBPC7, BBR, BBR/BPC7, BPC7 MSA Nucl-Prot      

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