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Regulatory Network

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Palaniswamy, S.K., James, S., Sun, H., Lamb, R.S., Davuluri, R.V., Grotewold, E. (2006)
AGRIS and AtRegNet: A platform to link cis-regulatory elements and transcription factors into regulatory networks.
Plant Physiology, 140:818-29
PMID 16524982

Special thanks to contributer Sarah Percival

RegNet Tutorial
  1. Start typing a TF name, and choose from the auto-complete suggestions
  2. Click “Show Interactions” to visualize interactions involving the selected TF
  3. In the visualization, click a circle representing a TF to show additional information
    • A table listing related interactions will appear below the visualization
  4. Click “Load more interactions” to load more interactions involving the selected TF
  5. Hover over the help icon in the top-left for more information
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Click a node to show a table of related interactions
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