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AtTFDB - Arabidopsis transcription factor database

AtTFDB is a comprehensive and public Arabidopsis TF database. The criteria employed for TF identification was described in Davuluri et al., 2003 and Palaniswamy et al., 2006. The sequence of the TFs currently in AtTFDB corresponds to the most current release of the Arabidopsis genome in TAIR (TAIR9).

From this page, users may search the database for TFs in two ways:
a) By utilizing a specific LocusID or gene name search: The user may enter a LocusID such as At3g24650, or a text field (such as NAC). The results are listed in a Search Results table. If the user marks the box in the first column and then moves to the bottom of the list, either the nucleotide or protein sequence can be retrieved. The family name, gene name, and description are displayed. In addition, there are four Arabidopsis resources the user may use to retrieve additional information, (M) for MIPS (Munich Institute for Protein Sequences): the MATDB within the MIPS website contains all Arabidopsis sequences and annotation produced by the Arabidopsis Genome Initiative plus mitochondrial and chloroplast genomes. Sequences were consolidated from European sequencing projects, Cold Spring Harbor Lab, and Washington University. (S) for SALK: Utilizing the SIGnAL Arabidopsis Gene Mapping Tool, it provides a map of the genome area in which the locus is found. One the map, cDNA (full-length cloned copies of mRNA) and T-DNA (sites of insertion of Agrobacterium T-DNA in the Arabidopsis genome) information is displayed in relation to the LocusID entered. (A) for TAIR (The Arabidopsis Information Resource): A genomic data resource, collected from a wide variety of sources, with information about genes, markers, polymorphisms, maps, sequences, clones, DNA and seed stocks, gene families and proteins.

b) Browse Families: There are 50 families (includes one family under the orphan category) of TFs currently listed. The user may click on a link to one of the families and see the same Search Results table as the Specific Search containing all TFs from the specific family.

For details on how to use the database please read HELP

Download all TFs gene list (csv)
Download all TF protein sequences (csv)
Download all TF protein sequences (fasta)

TF Families
ABI3VP1 FamilyAlfin-like FamilyAP2-EREBP Family
ARF FamilyARID FamilyARR-B Family
AtRKD FamilyBBR/BPC FamilybHLH Family
bZIP FamilyBZR FamilyC2C2-CO-like Family
C2C2-Dof FamilyC2C2-Gata FamilyC2C2-GATA Family
C2C2-YABBY FamilyC2H2 FamilyC3H Family
CCAAT-HAP3 FamilyCCAAT-HAP5 FamilyCPP Family
E2F-DP FamilyEIL FamilyG2-like Family
GeBP FamilyGRAS FamilyGRF Family
Homeobox FamilyHRT FamilyHSF Family
JUMONJI FamilyMADS FamilyMYB Family
MYB-Related FamilyNAC FamilyNLP Family
Orphan FamilyPHD FamilyRAV Family
REM FamilySBP FamilyTCP Family
Trihelix FamilyTUB FamilyVOZ-9 Family
Whirly FamilyWRKY FamilyZF-HD Family

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