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Summary of features of transcription factor At1g14350

TF Locus ID:At1g14350
TF Name: AtMYB124 
TF Family: MYB 
  • AtMYB124 (myb domain protein 124)
  • FLP
  • MYB124
Gene Alias: FLP 
Gene Description: FLP (FOUR LIPS); DNA binding / transcription factor 
TAIR Super Gene Family: MYB   
TAIR Gene Family: MYB3R- and R2R3- type MYB- encoding genes   
Genbank Locus: NM_101302   
TIGR Annotation: hypothetical protein 
Direct Targets: At1g01030, At1g01040, At1g02450, At1g03160, At1g06490, At1g07270(CDC6b), At1g07280, At1g10760(SEX1), At1g11360, At1g12100, At1g12340, At1g13970, At1g13980, At1g16680, At1g17240, At1g17400, At1g17890, At1g18930(At1g18930 ), At1g19390, At1g19480, At1g20320, At1g20360, At1g20920, At1g21960, At1g22530, At1g22540, At1g22930, At1g23210, At1g23300, At1g23320, At1g26560, At1g27790, At1g28230, At1g30030, At1g30270, At1g30760, At1g30980, At1g31530, At1g31780, At1g31810, At1g32420, At1g32460, At1g32820, At1g34020, At1g34120, At1g34400, At1g35060, At1g35200, At1g35220, At1g35400, At1g35440, At1g35490, At1g43690, At1g43730, At1g43830, At1g44050, At1g44900, At1g44960, At1g47590, At1g47960, At1g47970, At1g48000(AtMYB112), At1g48420, At1g50300, At1g50650, At1g51990, At1g52000, At1g52010, At1g53040, At1g53230(TCP3), At1g53870, At1g55400, At1g56090, At1g57600, At1g58370, At1g58520(At1g58520 ), At1g58602, At1g60160, At1g60170, At1g60200, At1g60220, At1g60970, At1g60980, At1g62230, At1g64650, At1g66770, At1g66780, At1g67120, At1g68360, At1g68500, At1g69080, At1g69580, At1g71010, At1g80460, At2g01880, At2g02070, At2g02190, At2g02610, At2g03240, At2g03430, At2g03930, At2g04090, At2g04140, At2g04160(AIR3), At2g04670, At2g05060, At2g05070, At2g05210, At2g15420, At2g15960, At2g17090, At2g17960, At2g20620, At2g21130, At2g21850, At2g22720(At2g22720 ), At2g23140, At2g23150, At2g24750, At2g24915, At2g26530, At2g29680(CDC6a), At2g30200, At2g30460, At2g30650, At2g31140, At2g31760, At2g32790, At2g35070, At2g36050, At2g37050, At2g39840, At2g41390, At2g44850, At2g45250, At2g45410, At2g45420, At3g06770, At3g14180, At3g14430, At3g15680, At3g16870(GATA-17), At3g17170, At3g21990, At3g22640, At3g22650, At3g22870, At3g22880, At3g23120, At3g26590, At3g26600, At3g27210, At3g28310, At3g29110, At3g29210, At3g44950, At3g45230, At3g45920, At3g46910, At3g46960, At3g47210, At3g47260, At3g48140, At3g48750(CDKA;1), At3g54180(CDKB1;1), At3g54530, At3g54540, At3g55700, At3g56000, At3g56270, At3g56570, At3g59190, At3g60530(GATA-4), At3g60870, At4g00880, At4g01580, At4g02190, At4g02270, At4g02770, At4g03650, At4g03780, At4g04300, At4g05280, At4g08340, At4g08360, At4g09790, At4g10570, At4g11800, At4g11810, At4g11900, At4g11910, At4g13770, At4g14220, At4g15290, At4g15390, At4g17000, At4g18980, At4g20530, At4g24630, At4g31360, At4g35150, At4g35510, At4g39950, At4g40050, At5g02330, At5g03150, At5g06710, At5g07030, At5g10340, At5g13450, At5g13460, At5g18340, At5g21060, At5g24460, At5g24880, At5g24920, At5g25420, At5g26240, At5g26590, At5g26650, At5g27160, At5g27240, At5g27690, At5g28590, At5g28730, At5g29050, At5g35830, At5g37140, At5g37330, At5g38430, At5g38900, At5g39240, At5g39610, At5g43270(SPL2), At5g43280, At5g43360, At5g50565, At5g54710, At5g58540, At5g60780, At5g61780, At5g62690, At5g65420 
Targeting TFs: At1g24260(SEPALLATA3), At2g43010(PIF4), At4g36920(AP2) 
ABRC Stocks Available for this TF:
Stock Number Vector Insert Type Stock Type
U85637 pUni51 cDNA Full Length
G85637 pENTR223 cDNA Full Length
cshl_012789 pAmiR construct RNAi

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