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Summary of features of transcription factor At2g47270

TF Locus ID:At2g47270
TF Name: AtbHLH151 
TF Family: bHLH 
Gene Alias:  
Gene Description: transcription factor/ transcription regulator 
TAIR Super Gene Family: Transcription Factor   
TAIR Gene Family: basic Helix-Loop-Helix (bHLH) Transcription Factor   
Genbank Locus: NM_130295   
TIGR Annotation: putative basic Helix-Loop-Helix Transcription Factor (BHLH151) 
Direct Targets: AT1G05010(ethylene-forming enzyme), AT1G11260(sugar transporter 1), AT1G13940(Plant protein of unknown function (DUF863)), AT1G16420(metacaspase 8), AT1G16430(Surfeit locus protein 5 subunit 22 of Mediator com), AT1G16440(Root hair specific 3), AT1G16445(S-adenosyl-L-methionine-dependent methyltransferas), AT1G19690(NAD(P)-binding Rossmann-fold superfamily protein), AT1G19700(BEL1-like homeodomain 10), AT1G19710(UDP-Glycosyltransferase superfamily protein), AT1G20430, AT1G20440(cold-regulated 47), AT1G20460, AT1G24120(ARG1-like 1), AT1G24620(EF hand calcium-binding protein family), AT1G24625(zinc finger protein 7), AT1G24640, AT1G28430(cytochrome P450, family 705, subfamily A, polypept), AT1G28440(HAESA-like 1), AT1G29280(WRKY DNA-binding protein 65), AT1G53450, AT1G53460, AT1G53470(mechanosensitive channel of small conductance-like), AT1G54570(Esterase/lipase/thioesterase family protein), AT1G54575, AT1G54580(acyl carrier protein 2), AT1G57540, AT1G57550(Low temperature and salt responsive protein family), AT1G57560(myb domain protein 50), AT1G68568, AT1G68580(agenet domain-containing protein / bromo-adjacent ), AT1G70160, AT1G70170(matrix metalloproteinase), AT1G70180(Sterile alpha motif (SAM) domain-containing protei), AT1G70220(RNA-processing, Lsm domain), AT1G70230(TRICHOME BIREFRINGENCE-LIKE 27), AT1G70250(receptor serine/threonine kinase, putative), AT2G02040(peptide transporter 2), AT2G02050(NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase B18 subunit, putati), AT2G02800(protein kinase 2B), AT2G02810(UDP-galactose transporter 1), AT2G02950(phytochrome kinase substrate 1), AT2G02955(maternal effect embryo arrest 12), AT2G17410(ARID/BRIGHT DNA-binding domain-containing protein), AT2G17420(NADPH-dependent thioredoxin reductase A), AT2G17430(Seven transmembrane MLO family protein), AT2G18610, AT2G18630(Protein of unknown function (DUF677)), AT2G18660(plant natriuretic peptide A), AT2G18670(RING/U-box superfamily protein), AT2G18680, AT2G19120(P-loop containing nucleoside triphosphate hydrolas), AT2G19130(S-locus lectin protein kinase family protein), AT2G19780(Leucine-rich repeat (LRR) family protein), AT2G19790(SNARE-like superfamily protein), AT2G24190(NAD(P)-binding Rossmann-fold superfamily protein), AT2G24545, AT2G24550, AT2G24560(GDSL-like Lipase/Acylhydrolase family protein), AT2G32130(Plant protein of unknown function (DUF641)), AT2G32140(transmembrane receptors), AT2G32150(Haloacid dehalogenase-like hydrolase (HAD) superfa), AT2G32160(S-adenosyl-L-methionine-dependent methyltransferas), AT2G33820(Mitochondrial substrate carrier family protein), AT2G33830(Dormancy/auxin associated family protein), AT2G33840(Tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase, class Ib, bacterial/mitoc), AT2G37240(Thioredoxin superfamily protein), AT2G37260(WRKY family transcription factor family protein), AT2G37450(nodulin MtN21 /EamA-like transporter family protei), AT2G45160(GRAS family transcription factor), AT2G45170(AUTOPHAGY 8E), AT2G45640(SIN3 associated polypeptide P18), AT2G45650(AGAMOUS-like 6), AT2G46820(photosystem I P subunit), AT2G46830(circadian clock associated 1), AT2G47050(Plant invertase/pectin methylesterase inhibitor su), AT2G47060(Protein kinase superfamily protein), AT2G47070(squamosa promoter binding protein-like 1), AT3G02990(heat shock transcription factor A1E), AT3G03000(EF hand calcium-binding protein family), AT3G04070(NAC domain containing protein 47), AT3G08960(ARM repeat superfamily protein), AT3G08970(DNAJ heat shock N-terminal domain-containing prote), AT3G08980(Peptidase S24/S26A/S26B/S26C family protein), AT3G09220(laccase 7), AT3G09230(myb domain protein 1), AT3G13060(evolutionarily conserved C-terminal region 5), AT3G13100(multidrug resistance-associated protein 7), AT3G13110(serine acetyltransferase 2;2), AT3G20440(Alpha amylase family protein), AT3G20450(B-cell receptor-associated protein 31-like), AT3G20460(Major facilitator superfamily protein), AT3G21890(B-box type zinc finger family protein), AT3G21900(Receptor-like protein kinase-related family protei), AT3G22890(ATP sulfurylase 1), AT3G22900(RNA polymerase Rpb7-like, N-terminal domain), AT3G47420(phosphate starvation-induced gene 3), AT3G47430(peroxin 11B), AT3G51660(Tautomerase/MIF superfamily protein), AT3G51670(SEC14 cytosolic factor family protein / phosphogly), AT3G52790(peptidoglycan-binding LysM domain-containing prote), AT3G52800(A20/AN1-like zinc finger family protein), AT3G55740(proline transporter 2), AT3G55750(Ribosomal protein L35Ae family protein), AT3G57060(binding), AT3G57070(Glutaredoxin family protein), AT3G57080(Eukaryotic rpb5 RNA polymerase subunit family prot), AT4G01010(cyclic nucleotide-gated channel 13), AT4G01020(helicase domain-containing protein / IBR domain-co), AT4G05320(polyubiquitin 10), AT4G08630, AT4G08640(ATP binding), AT4G09040(RNA-binding (RRM/RBD/RNP motifs) family protein), AT4G09060, AT4G09070(TATA-binding related factor (TRF) of subunit 20 of), AT4G09080(Outer membrane OMP85 family protein), AT4G09690(Cysteine/Histidine-rich C1 domain family protein), AT4G09700, AT4G11290(Peroxidase superfamily protein), AT4G16260(Glycosyl hydrolase superfamily protein), AT4G16265(RNA polymerases M/15 Kd subunit), AT4G16270(Peroxidase superfamily protein), AT4G18950(Integrin-linked protein kinase family), AT4G26690(PLC-like phosphodiesterase family protein), AT4G26700(fimbrin 1), AT4G29190(Zinc finger C-x8-C-x5-C-x3-H type family protein), AT4G30350(Double Clp-N motif-containing P-loop nucleoside tr), AT5G04110(DNA GYRASE B3), AT5G04120(Phosphoglycerate mutase family protein), AT5G04470(cyclin-dependent protein kinase inhibitors), AT5G06970(Protein of unknown function (DUF810)), AT5G06980, AT5G06990(Protein of unknown function, DUF617), AT5G09460(sequence-specific DNA binding transcription factor), AT5G09810(actin 7), AT5G10030(TGACG motif-binding factor 4), AT5G10040, AT5G10050(NAD(P)-binding Rossmann-fold superfamily protein), AT5G12860(dicarboxylate transporter 1), AT5G12870(myb domain protein 46), AT5G15130(WRKY DNA-binding protein 72), AT5G17820(Peroxidase superfamily protein), AT5G17830(Plasma-membrane choline transporter family protein), AT5G20140(SOUL heme-binding family protein), AT5G20150(SPX domain gene 1), AT5G24470(pseudo-response regulator 5), AT5G26340(Major facilitator superfamily protein), AT5G26345, AT5G40240(nodulin MtN21 /EamA-like transporter family protei), AT5G40260(Nodulin MtN3 family protein), AT5G41310(P-loop nucleoside triphosphate hydrolases superfam), AT5G41690(RNA-binding (RRM/RBD/RNP motifs) family protein), AT5G41700(ubiquitin conjugating enzyme 8), AT5G41710, AT5G43270(squamosa promoter binding protein-like 2), AT5G44610(microtubule-associated protein 18), AT5G45105(zinc transporter 8 precursor), AT5G45110(NPR1-like protein 3), AT5G46910(Transcription factor jumonji (jmj) family protein ), AT5G47210(Hyaluronan / mRNA binding family), AT5G47220(ethylene responsive element binding factor 2), AT5G47225, AT5G47820(P-loop containing nucleoside triphosphate hydrolas), AT5G49330(myb domain protein 111), AT5G56340(RING/U-box superfamily protein), AT5G65090(DNAse I-like superfamily protein) 
Targeting TFs: At1g24260(SEPALLATA3), At5g61850(LFY) 
ABRC Stocks Available for this TF:
Stock Number Vector Insert Type Stock Type
AGR1_1_H11 pDONR207 cDNA Full Length
U84123 pUni51 cDNA Full Length
G84123 pENTR223 cDNA Full Length
AGR1_1_G7 pDONR207 cDNA Full Length
AGR1_1_H7 pDONR207 cDNA Full Length
DKLAT2G47270 LIC6 cDNA Expression
AGR1_1_G11 pDONR207 cDNA Full Length

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