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Summary of features of transcription factor At3g24520

TF Locus ID:At3g24520
TF Name:  
TF Family: HSF 
  • AT-HSFC1
  • HSFC1
Gene Alias:  
Gene Description: AT-HSFC1 (Arabidopsis thaliana heat shock transcription factor C1); DNA binding / transcription factor 
TAIR Super Gene Family: Heat Shock Transcription Factors   
TAIR Gene Family: Heat Stress Transcription Factor (Hsf) family   
Genbank Locus: NM_113363   
TIGR Annotation: "heat shock transcription factor HSF1, putative" 
Direct Targets: At2g47180(GolS1) 
Targeting TFs: At1g24260(SEPALLATA3), At5g41315(GL3) 
ABRC Stocks Available for this TF:
Stock Number Vector Insert Type Stock Type
G14335 pENTR223 cDNA Full Length
pDEST-DB023F01 pDEST-DB construct Expression
U14335 pUni51 cDNA Full Length
PYAt3g24520 PENTR/D-TOPO cDNA Full Length
pDEST-AD023F01 pDEST-AD construct Expression
DKLAT3G24520 pYL436 cDNA Expression

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