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Summary of features of transcription factor At3g56980

TF Locus ID:At3g56980
TF Name: AtbHLH39 
TF Family: bHLH 
  • BHLH039
  • ORG3
Gene Alias: ORG3 
Gene Description: BHLH039/ORG3 (OBP3-RESPONSIVE GENE 3); DNA binding / transcription factor 
TAIR Super Gene Family: Transcription Factor   
TAIR Gene Family: basic Helix-Loop-Helix (bHLH) Transcription Factor   
Genbank Locus: AF488577   
TIGR Annotation: basic Helix-Loop-Helix Transcription Factor (BHLH039) 
Direct Targets: AT1G71930(VND7) 
Targeting TFs: AT3G23210(bHLH34), AT4G14410(bHLH104), At3g23210(bHLH34), At4g14410(bHLH104) 
ABRC Stocks Available for this TF:
Stock Number Vector Insert Type Stock Type
PYAt3g56980 PENTR/D-TOPO cDNA Full Length
DKLAT3G56980 pYL436 cDNA Expression

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